Innovative cleansing wipes to give you a safer working environment.

Professional Care Products

A comprehensive range of wet wipes, dry wipes, gels and foams. These have been developed specifically to meet the needs of many different industries, from healthcare, dentistry and pharmaceuticals through to wider uses in food processing, retail and janitorial services.

The cornerstone of our provision is in medical and healthcare cleansing products, developed particularly for use in NHS hospitals and private health and residential care environments.

The high quality of our product specifications has widely increased the popularity of our wipes so that we are now serving the hygiene needs of many other industries too.



The Clinitex range of wet wipes, dry wipes, cleansing and janitorial products feature some truly exceptional properties, from ensuring the right pH balance for skincare wipes to manufacturing alcohol based wipes for highly effective disinfecting of surfaces.

With Clinitex working for you, you get innovative products which deliver a high technical cleaning performance.

High quality
economical cleaning

We know that you face a delicate balancing act in ensuring ultimate cleanliness in your working environments and managing a tight domestic budget.

With our products manufactured in the UK, we can guarantee quality and maintain customer service levels whilst you also benefit from highly competitive prices.

Better standards of care

Clinitex strives to maintain high ethical, environmental and quality management standards.

Many of our products also feature significant care and environmental benefits. Whether you need hypoallergenic wipes, fully biodegradable wipes or products with greater fibre mass for maximum cleaning performance, we have the solution.

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