High performance wipes
with your care in mind

Clinitex Professional Care Products has been delivering cleansing wipes and associated products to the medical sector and many other industries for well over a decade.

Clinitex Professional Care Products are all manufactured by industrial textiles specialist Techtex, one of the biggest suppliers of healthcare and industrial fabrics in the UK.

Our production techniques are underpinned by many years of manufacturing experience, and we have been able to help large organisations like the NHS to make cost savings within their cleaning and infection control budgets.


Our commitment
to hygiene technology

Clinitex products are manufactured here in the UK with the express purpose of providing you with high quality cleansing wipes and materials, with durability and safety foremost in mind.

That means that we are continually reviewing the latest innovative technology and applications in the manufacturing process of each of our different products.

Many of our cleansing wipe products are formulated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol BP and bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporistatic ingredients – all agents which kill target organisms - to ensure that they remain effective against bugs and bacteria which can harm us.

Our aim is to provide you with highly durable, effective wipes which are softer, stronger, more absorbent and as effective as any comparative products currently on the market.

We also offer biodegradable wipes designed to care not just for you and your users, but also the environment.

An all-round approach to quality management

At Clinitex, we are committed to using quality management, compliance and industry regulations as tools for giving our customers top of the range, reliable products made from the most appropriate materials.

  • Many of our products are manufactured within cleanroom suites which ISO 14644-1 class 5 and class 6 accredited.
  • We have also attained ISO14001 certification for environmental impact reduction, as well as ISO9001 for quality management systems and greater efficiency.
  • We gear up our systems to meet your standards as a customer and Clinitex dry and wet wipes are also independently tested in accordance with relevant industry benchmarks for best practice, such as European Standard EN1276.
  • Our manufacturing operations are also fully audited by Sedex, the non-profit membership organisation committed to improving business practices for more ethical global supply chains.

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