A wide range cleansing wipes for multiple applications.

Clinitex offers your organisation cleansing wipes and other products designed to meet your own industry requirements.

Whether you need dry wipes for patient use, skin cleansing products or surface sanitising wipes for any industry or discipline, we have the hygienic solutions.


Dry Patient Wipes

Dry patient wipes from Clinitex are manufactured to suit all applications and budgets, particularly in the health industry and in residential care where the combination of strength and softness is a major factor.

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Skin Cleansing

Clinitex offers you pre-moistened skin cleansing wipes and foams designed to take care of the skin. Wipes are carefully manufactured with a blend of moisturising emollients and a pH balanced formulation to promote healthy skin.

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Detergent Wipes

Our expansive range of multi surface detergent wipes has been developed to remove dirt and grime from surfaces more effectively.

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Hard Surface Alcohol Wipes

Our ‘hard surface’ alcohol based wet wipes are precisely what you need for disinfecting hard surfaces and equipment.

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Target Alcohol Free Surface Wipes

Clinitex target multi surface disinfection wipes contain a complex recipe of highly effective biocides designed to eliminate harmful bacteria and micro-organisms found in healthcare and other environments.

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Surface Safe Sanitising Wipes

Manufactured with a special ethanol and biocidal formulation, our ‘surface safe’ wet wipes are specifically designed for the sanitisation of surfaces and equipment within the food industry.

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Hand And Surface

The Clinitex hand sanitising range includes both gels and wipes with a proven track record in killing off harmful bacteria.

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Clinitex offers you an extensive, highly durable janitorial range of products designed to support your professional cleaning needs with both high efficiency and budget in mind.

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