Extensive, highly durable janitorial range of products

Our wipes and multi-purpose cleaning cloths are available in a range of blends, colours, sizes for optimum cleaning.

You can choose semi disposable, economical products for high volume usage, or premium, heavyweight, fully washable textured materials which can absorb 10 times their own dry weight in liquid.

We also have an extensive range of Industrial Cleaning Wipes sold under our Maxipro® Brand. Download the brochure here for more details.



Product Code Description Format Wipe Qty
FC003 Feltec Multi-purpose Cloths Pack 10 48 30 x 35
FL001 Flight Cleaning Cloths Pack 50 20 30 x 58
FL002 Flight Cleaning Cloths Pack 50 20 30 x 58
FL004 Flight Cleaning Cloths Roll 350 1 25 x 38
FL005 Flight Cleaning Cloths Pack 50 33 46.5 x 30
JN001 Janitor Multi-purpose Cloths Pack 50 10 35 x 50
RD003 Raider Cleaning Cloths Pack 25 40 33 x 34.5
V001 Veto Multi-purpose Cloths Pack 25 6 35 x 50

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Whether you need dry wipes for patient use, skin cleansing products or surface sanitising wipes for any industry or discipline,
we have the hygienic solutions.

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